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Welcome to our Hebrew Classes page taught by JediYAH Melek. Our Hebrew lessons are designed to teach the original language of our ancestors to the Lost Sheep of Israel. Our lessons will teach you to learn the language in the most natural way we learn; first to speak, then to read and to write.


We offer these lessons free of charge for the building of HIS Kingdom. If these lessons are blessing to you, please feel free to donate for the continued growth and works of this ministry.

  • Hebrew Packet Download


    Download each Hebrew lesson and its accompanied assignment by clicking on the links below. The Hebrew text book used for this course is "The First Hebrew Primer- 3rd Edition". The first lesson in this new course is Lesson 201 (The Aleph - Bet). May YHWH bless you.

  • Lesson 201

    Lesson 201 - The Aleph Bet


    In this lesson we list and recite the first 11 letters of the Hebrew Alphabet as well as 4 different vowel types


    Lesson 201 PDF Download Free

  • Lesson 202

    Lesson 202 - The Aleph Bet (Part 2)


    In this lesson we list and recite the second half of the Hebrew Alphabet as well as 4 more vowels.


    Lesson 202 PDF Free Download

  • Lesson 203

    Lesson 203 - Accents and Syllables


    In this lesson we break down Hebrew words into syllables and read using the proper Hebrew accents.


    Lesson 203 PDF Free Download

  • Lesson 204

    Lesson 204 - Nouns & Verbs


    In this lesson we discuss Hebrew nouns and verbs and how they are used to make basic Hebrew sentences.


    Lesson 204 PDF Free Download


  • Lesson 205

    Lesson 205 - Nouns & Verbs


    In this lesson we discuss the Feminine Hebrew nouns and verb roots in the PAST TENSE. We also cover the Hebrew words "and", "from", and "it".


    Lesson 205 PDF Free Download




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